Who Else Am I?


My name is Ida.  I am a daughter, sister, friend... played many roles in the corporate, professional world & my biggest role to date, mother to brilliant teenage son.  I understand how important it is for a mother to remember her individuality and creativity while juggling the demands of parenting.  I learned that years ago when my son, who was at the time six years old, asked me who else I was besides his mother. 


Since that day of inquisition from my son, that's what it felt like... I've been on a mission to connect with my higher self and provide an answer, more for myself to that "who else am I" question.  While in the midst of that mission, I've started asking other mothers the same question.  I realized from the answers that were given and the emotions expressed after my conversations with moms, that some women were very well connected with their higher selves, but many were/are still struggling to reconnect or connect with who they are outside of being phenomenal mothers, wives, employees etc... I started filming mothers, facilitating workshops for women of all ages, from fourteen to seventy and even published a book with stories written by mothers.  What was birthed from the all of this "research" had been the witnessing of many mothers/women's self discovery of inner their voice.  Incredibly powerful stuff.


So why call it Mother's Milk world?  Well, one thing this journey has taught me is that women, specifically the ones who happen to be mothers have everything we need to nourish, nurture, sustain & build a nation but first we need to learn how to maximize our internal resources to nourish, nurture, sustain and build our highest self.

Connect with Ida at: MothersMilkWorld@gmail.com